Who we are?

Founded in 2015, K Media Group in one of the largest social media agencies in Europe and MENA region. Located in Germany, Ukraine and Lebanon ,K Media Group is a social media marketing company that offers affordable social media management to help businesses market more effective on social media. We specialize in social media management to highly engage social audiences and enhance the online presence of international brands.


About us

Our team of expert social media managers and marketers at K Media Group is dedicated to effectively grow businesses and reach your targets by creating marketing funnels that produce leads and sales for businesses. Are you unsatisfied with your business performance and growth? Do you feel that your business is successful but not reaching the audience and potential clients ? This is where our social media audit service can be very helpful in establishing benchmarks for your social media efforts and gauging progress. We will perform an in-depth audit of your company’s social media presence across every platform and provide you with a detailed report giving you ultimate visibility on areas you are doing well in and what areas need improvement. You can only fix an issue you understand, and our agency is here to help
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Our services


  • Reaching popularity requires more than just an ad.
  • Campaigns should expose emotions, not just inform your viewers.
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Kmedia team Offers a marketing plan, with (ROI) return of investment:

  • Invest your money in a marketing campaign with more returns.
  • Know your competitors, and find how to advertise in a better way.
  • Start a business & marketing plan with tasks & targets to achieve goals.
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Digital Marketing

Social media has quickly become one of the most important means of connecting with the audience who, not only want your brand or service, but are ready and willing to spread the word on the behalf of your brand. Our team’s expertise in social media effectively harnesses creativity and technology within the social space allowing for an elevated (R.O.I.).

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Social Media Ads


A full-time professional social media advertising specialist will work exclusively on your business’s social media advertisements. This individual will be working closely with you and your team by setting up weekly calls to go over strategy & execution for different social media advertising campaigns across all your social media channels.

Depending on the desired result, whether it is engagement, lead generation, or an increase in sales, our team will Their top priority is implementing the correct strategy for your business to help you accomplish your goals.

Depending on the desired result, whether it is to drive engagement, generating quality leads, or seeing an uptick in sales, our team will create highly targeted ads to achieve the desired results. Their top priority is implementing the correct strategy for your business to help you accomplish your specific goals.

Instagram Advertisements

Instagram ads help businesses share their story in a highly visual environment. Instagram ads are unique in the fact that they are presented exactly like an organic Instagram post for a seamless and non-invasive feel. Since Facebook owns Instagram, they have rolled out the ability to target individuals based on the exact same demographics as Facebook.